شاشة العاب روج ستريكس HDR 400 WQHD بخاصية IPS من اسوس، شاشة 27 انش بدقة 2560×1440، سرعة معالج 270 هرتز (اكثر من 144 هرتز)، 0.5 ملي ثانية (جي تو جي)، متوافقة مع ايلمب سينك وجي سينك، اسود، طراز XG27AQM

اشتري اونلاين بأفضل الاسعارشاشة العاب روج ستريكس HDR 400 WQHD بخاصية IPS من اسوس، شاشة 27 انش بدقة 2560×1440، سرعة معالج 270 هرتز (اكثر من 144 هرتز)، 0.5 ملي ثانية (جي تو جي)، متوافقة مع ايلمب سينك وجي سينك، اسود، طراز XG27AQM✓ شحن سريع و مجاني✓ ارجاع مجاني✓ الدفع عند

رمز المنتج: B09642D4VK التصنيف:

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  • تأكد من أن هذا مناسب عن طريق إدخال رقم الطراز الخاص بك.
  • شاشة ألعاب WQHD HDR مقوسة مقاس 27 انش بدقة وضوح (2560 × 1440) مع معدل تحديث فائق السرعة 270 هرتز، مصممة للاعبين المحترفين ولخوض مغامرات لعب رائعة.
  • توفر تقنية IPS السريعة من اسوس وقت استجابة يبلغ 0.5 ملي ثانية بمعيار (GTG)، ما يضمن الحصول على مرئيات فائقة الدقة بمعدل إطار عالي
  • تعمل تقنية المزامنة للحد من ضبابية حركة (اي ال ام بي سينك ELMB SYNC) المقدمة من اسوس جنبًا إلى جنب مع تقنية جي سينك G-SYNC للتخلص من الحركة الضبابية والانقطاع مما يوفر مرئيات فائقة الدقة بمعدل إطارات مرتفع.
  • توفر تقنية HDR مع تقنية التدرج اللوني الاحترافية التباين والأداء اللوني الذي يلبي معايير شاشة HDR 400.
  • متوافقة مع جي سينك، توفر تجربة لعب سلسة خالية من الدموع

حجم الشاشة 27 بوصة
الحد الأقصى لدقة العرض 2560 x 1440 بكسل
العلامة التجارية اسس
ميزة خاصة مدى ديناميكي عالي
معدل التحديث 270 هرتز
نسبة العرض إلى الارتفاع 16:9
نوع شاشة العرض WQHD
استخدامات محددة للمنتج اللعب
وقت الاستجابة 0.5 ميلي ثانية
اللون أسود

تسمح هذه الشاشة المزودة بتقنية IPS من اسوس لعناصر شاشة العرض البلوري السائل بالتبديل أسرع بمقدار 8 مرات من لوحات IPS التقليدية لتحسين الاستجابة. بفضل وقت استجابة جراي تو جراي الذي يبلغ 0.5 ملي ثانية، يتم القضاء فعليًا على التشويش وضبابية الحركة. توفر هذه الشاشة أيضًا صورًا فائقة الجودة بألوان رائعة بفضل التدرج اللوني DCI-P3 بنسبة 97% ونسبة تباين مذهلة تبلغ 1:1000. توفر زوايا الرؤية الواسعة التي تبلغ 178 درجة نسبة قليلة من التشويه وتغيير اللون حتى عند النظر إليها من أبعد المواضع.

أفضل المراجعات من المملكة السعودية العربية

Zhuliyan Vasilev 5.0:
Little bit pricey but so so worth it! Absolutely LOVE this monitor great quality great aesthetics fantastic refresh rates colour and ease of use as to be expected from ROG! HDMI Display port usb and USB C what more could you ask for. Matt non glare screen with a sturdy metal base stand with adjustable tilt and height adjustment. ROG LED in the rear and perfect curve for immersive gaming. ROG eye care is life changing I can now game for hours at end with no eye fatigue…. Also comes with great quality cables included in the box and everything was super easy to install and set up. Great experience and definite recommend from me! If you are a ROG fan looking to take you esports gaming to the next level this is the screen.

cyprian d5.0:
I mad similar spec MSI optix but was so dark during the day and I like playing in moderate sunlight filling the room. I had to fork out on something brighter as I now use it also to work from home. I researched the brightess 250 MSI comparison to 400 ROG and apparently it’s whatever a manufacturer puts in and these numbers aren’t accurate so was hesitant. But I took the plunge got this baby for only 60 quid more than the MSI and oh my ghazal. So bright I mean in full sun this screen is just too bright when on full brightness. Have to take it a notch down. It’s way way too bright for English weather you’ll never go to 90% brightness.Colours contrast very good. Not mind blowing quality perfect for gaming good for work. Performance I see no difference from MSI.The best bit are the back right side massive buttons and a thumbs tick. Feel like some giant gaming handheld lol. Love it. Nice touch that makes thus monitor gaming gaming not just cus of rgb in design.Can’t faulty it no negatives but then I’m sure there are decent other monitors for that money.

Having just downgraded in away from a 4k HDR600 10bit panel due to overheating problems I can honestly say I have no idea what the deal is with ghosting being “horrendously” bad because there is non. I mean I haven’t detected any issues with this monitor at all. It looks great and is what I expected coming from my previous Philips Momentum 32inch monitor. The colours are good not quite as good as a 4k 10bit panel but very acceptable. Turning HDR on didn’t have any adverse effects either. you get a little difference in windows SDR background colours as expected but gaming is good don’t get me wrong its not perfect but its a £399 monitor My philips HDR600 would blind you in colour and explosions in game and looked fantastic but this is a little toned down as expected. I haven’t got the budget for a better HDR experience atm and the recent fault with my philips monitor meant I was more or less forced to go for this monitor instead as I was offered a refund and the price of the philips had gone up over £100 more. This is a great monitor for the price and is very smooth in game. I enjoyed gaming on 4k but the 60hz and lack of graphics power on ultimate settings in bf led to a few less than desirable frame drops. I’m gonna let the fact that monitor was shipped with the wrong kettle lead slip as I have a spare lead that fitted the power brick but this was a bit of a fail. I understand these are probably slipped in after manufacture and I have had similar issues in past with incorrect leads shipped with stuff. No Biggy anyway if I didn’t have a spare I’d have wired a new plug onto the continental lead supplied.As normal with these things make sure you download the drivers and optional software to access monitor functions. the driver has the correct colour profile that needs to be installed!!. After setting the profile in windows calibration and turning on HDR you just need to enable the 165hz and enjoy.

The monitor would be fine except for it not being straight. The monitor was bent and had a slight wobble. I checked with spirit levels and both my desk and everything else was straight just not the monitor.Contacting ASUS resulted in “we do not repair but we do replace” – what I did not know is that “replace” meant replacing my 3 month old monitor with a much older previously repaired 2nd hand monitor in dirty and dented packaging.Their support has been less than satisfactory and I have now had to take it up with our bank.Would not buy this monitor and my confidence in ASUS overall has been severely affected.

Howard Hamlin4.0:
The monitors features are:HDR (High dynamic range)ULMB (Ultra-low motion blur)1ms response timeG-SyncI like this monitor for how large it is (“27) it helps with organizing and doing work as you can easily have a word tab open on one side and resources on the other side. Its very easy to read and the brightness is more than good. I have no bleed on this monitor from the LCD which is an issue with some monitors. You are able to toggle the refresh rates on this monitor natively which is useful to conserve its life.However dont get this monitor just because of HDR the feature is underwhelming and the screen appears too bright and the colours too contrasted. The other features like ULMB help with competitive gaming as they reduce blurryness.The only strange issue that I cant resolve with this monitor is sometimes on bootup the monitor appears darker for some strange reason. I suspect that sometimes on bootup ULMB is turned on without any previous input and it turns back off when you restart your graphics with (Win + Ctrl + Shift + B). This isn’t really an issue for me and it only happens maybe once every few months.The stand of this monitor is very sturdy and offers a wide range of movement you can rotate it 90 degrees if you’d like depending on what suits you. I think the weight of the stand removes the need of a VESA mount (which it also has) as its unlikely to knock over The stand is really heavy. I didn’t buy this monitor out of vanity looks but theres RGB lights on the back if you are into that which you can customise.The settings on this monitor are standard and there’s a few buttons on the back to make navigating somewhat easier. Most of the settings are useless to be honest with some lacklustre filters and scope and red dot settings the only game that I could see you using these in would be EFT (Escape from tarkov) but these are really not needed. The filters themselves take time to navigate to and they are bad in my opinion. The ULMB is a solid feature on this monitor but by turning it on the monitor gets darker (to be expected as ULMB inserts black frames). I think the feature is very solid and with combination with the pre-sets you can make in the menu it helps with when you want to use it.The beauty panel on the back covers the connectors which there are plenty of there’s also a USB hub integrated within the monitor for cable management which is highly appreciated! I highly recommend this monitor but for the price you’d want to buy it on amazon warehouse or find it on a cheaper website.Great product!





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